Snow Disruption Update

ShorControl Safety will fully reopen for business Monday March 5th


Breathe Freely in the Welding Sector

In April 2017, a second phase of the BOHS’s Breath Freely incentive focusing on the manufacturing sector was launched with the initial focus on controlling exposure to welding fumes. This followed the successful launch of the Breathe Freely campaign in 2015, aimed at preventing occupational lung disease in the construction industry. The most recent report […]

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Genetically Modified Enzymes – an emerging occupational hazard

Increased consumer demand for low fat food and natural flavours have fuelled the production of genetically engineered flavourings and fragrances. This modification in the enzyme protein may alter the enzymes allergenic properties and thus leave workers more susceptible to developing hypersensitivity to them. Enzymes and artificial enzymes are known to be potential sensitisers and are […]

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