IOSH Project Supervisor for Design Process (PSDP)

IOSH Project Supervisor for Design Process (PSDP)

Safety Training

IOSH Project Supervisor for Design Process (PSDP)

Course Date(s) 13th September 2021

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The aim of this programme is to equip candidates with the knowledge to fully understand the legal responsibilities of the PSDP role and guidance on how they might fulfil this role in line with legislation and best practice

Course Content:

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes
1. Delegates should list the primary legislation for Ireland
2. List 2 duties of client, PSDP and designers
3. List 2 of the general principles of prevention for design
4. List 4 design hazards to be identify and control
5. List 4 sections of the preliminary health and safety plan
6. Describe the information required for the Safety file

Course Content
Unit 1 – Introduction to PSDP
Unit 2 – Legal Responsibilities
Unit 3 – Role of the PSDP
Unit 4 – Designing Safely
Unit 5 – Design Risk Assessment
Unit 6 – Preliminary H&S Plan
Unit 7 – Temporary Works
Unit 8 – Safety File
Unit 9 – Design Mistakes
Unit 10 – Assessment & project
Unit 11 – Summary/Evaluation

Course Duration

2 days

Number of Delegates



Delegates will receive and IOSH certificate upon sucessful completion

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