CSCS Signing, Lighting and Guarding at Roadworks

CSCS Signing, Lighting and Guarding at Roadworks

Safety Training

CSCS Signing, Lighting and Guarding at Roadworks

Course Date(s) 18th May 2022 , 23rd May 2022 , 31st May 2022 , 7th June 2022 , 13th June 2022 , 23rd June 2022 , 4th July 2022 , 7th July 2022 , 11th July 2022 , 25th July 2022 , 28th July 2022 , 3rd August 2022 , 8th August 2022 , 11th August 2022 , 15th August 2022 , 29th August 2022 , 5th September 2022 , 7th September 2022 , 12th September 2022 , 15th September 2022 , 28th September 2022 , 3rd October 2022 , 27th June 2022

3 Day Course
A Candidate Pack must be completed by the delegate & endorsed by the employer prior to sitting this course and delegates must have their physical SOLAS safe Pass card with them for the days of training.

18th 19th 20th May 2022
31st May 1st & 2nd June
7th 8th 9th June
13th 14th 15th June
23rd 24th 25th June
4th 5th 6th July
7th 8th 9th July 8 & 2
11th 12th 13th July
13th 14th 15th July 8 & 2
25th 26th 27th July
28th 29th 30th July?
3rd 4th 5th Aug
8th 9th 10th Aug
11th 12th 13th Aug
15th 16th 17th Aug
29th 30th 31st Aug
5th 6th 7th September
7th 8th 9th September 8 & 2
12th 13th 14th September
15th 16th 17th September
28th 29th 30th September
3rd 4th 5th October


This programme is designed for managers, supervisors and operatives who are required to plan, organise, direct, control and manage the safe free flow of traffic through roadworks in rural and urban situations. This is in accordance with Chapter 8 Road Traffic Signs Manual, Department of the Environment.

Course Content:


Day 1

  • Introduction to Traffic Management
  • Roadworks Classifications
  • Traffic Management Devices
  • Traffic Management Layouts
  • Semi Static Roadworks
  • Multiple Choice Exam

Day 2

  • Traffic Management Applications
  • Planned Works
  • Traffic Management Checks
  • Site Records
  • Classroom Practical
  • Safe Systems of Installation/ Removal
  • Site Practical

Day 3

  • Site Practical Exam
  • Classroom Practical Exam

Course Duration

3 Days

Number of Delegates

8 maximum per course


On successful completion of this course, a CSCS I.D. Card and QQI Certificate will be issued to each delegate, which is valid for 5 years.

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