Occupational Hygiene can be thought of as the ‘health’ aspect of health and safety. It is a scientific discipline whose aim is to recognise, evaluate and control the risks to health in the workplace. It is a vital but sometimes overlooked aspect of health and safety – in Ireland more people die from occupational diseases each year than from accidents, falls etc. and the distress and lost time due to work-related illness is incalculable.

Stephen Magee

Stephen Magee is the Senior Occupational Hygienist in Shorcontrol Safety and holds the Certificate of Operational Competence in Occupational Hygiene from the British Occupational Hygiene Society, along with a Master’s Degree in Applied Acoustics, a Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control and a BSc in Applied Physics from DCU. He is a member of the Occupational Hygiene Society of Ireland and the Institute of Acoustics. He has over ten years of experience performing occupational hygiene work in Ireland and the UK.

Catherine Healy

Catherine Healy is an Occupational Hygienist at Shorcontrol Safety. Catherine holds a PhD in Occupational Health & Hygiene from UCG, a BOHS Diploma of Professional Competence in occupational Hygiene, a MSc in Health & Safety Ergonomics and a BSc In Environmental Science and technology coupled with over 8 years practical experience in health , safety and environmental roles. She is on the council of the Occupational Hygiene Society of Ireland and has articles published in many of the top occupational hygiene research journals. Catherine is responsible for carrying out noise, dust, chemical & thermal analysis for our clients.

The Diploma of Professional Competence in Occupational Hygiene is the highest professional occupational hygiene qualification awarded in the UK. Award of the Diploma qualifies the holder to become a Chartered Member of the Faculty, and demonstrates knowledge of, and competence in, assessment of health hazards and the extent of risk in various workplace circumstances, and an ability to advise on suitable control procedure

Deirdre Rooney

Deirdre Rooney joined the Occupational Hygiene Team at Shorcontrol Safety in 2016. She holds a M.Sc in Occupational Health and Safety and a B.Sc in Biomedical Science from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Deirdre is a member of the Occupational Hygiene Society of Ireland and Associate Grade member of the British Occupational Hygiene Society. Deirdre performs occupational exposure assessments for physical, chemical and biological hazards in the workplace and delivers chemical awareness training across a wide range of industries.

Orlaith Murphy

Orlaith Murphy joined the Occupational Hygiene Team at Shorcontrol Safety in 2018. She hold a M.Sc in Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety accredited by IOSH and the BOHS, and a B.Sc in Physics with Medical Physics from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Orlaith carries out exposure assessments for noise, vibration, dust and chemical hazards.

Amir Awadalla

Amir Awadalla joined the Occupational Hygiene Team at Shorcontrol Safety in 2019. He has a BSc in Environmental Biology and a post-graduate Higher Diploma in World Heritage Management with UNESCO from University College Dublin. Ameer has over 10 years professional experience working in the areas of environmental and occupational compliance, serving manufacturing, pharmaceutical, power plants, waste and construction industries. Ameer also has several BOHS certificates in occupational hygiene.

Many of the main hazards and industries within which they occur are well known others less so. We have amassed considerable experience in a wide range of sectors covering chemical, biological and physical hazards including noise, vibration, heat stress, air quality, moulds and endotoxins along with the more traditional hazards such as fumes, chemicals, wood dust, silica dust and other hazards. We have also become more involved in API work in the pharmaceutical sector in the past several years, developing risk assessments and control measures for substances with limited available toxicological and safety data.

Our experience in almost every industrial sector in Ireland, coupled with our three full-time hygienists, gives us a very solid background. Our aim now is to build on this to become the leading occupational hygiene consultancy on the Island of Ireland.

Shorcontrol have increased their focus on the area of occupational hygiene with the recent addition of Dr. Catherine Healy and Deidre Rooney to the occupational hygiene department. This gives us four full-time occupational hygienists who between them have a depth of experience unmatched in a private consultancy practice in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

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