Wireless Air Quality Monitor Sensor Covering CO2, Temperature & Humidity

The Aranet4 Home is an innovative battery powered standalone wireless sensor for monitoring indoor Air Quality including Carbon Dioxide (CO2), temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure it can be used within the home, office, gym, restaurant, classroom, collage, meeting rooms, care homes and hospitals.

The device is portable, simple to install, easy to operate and lets you know when the monitored air quality has become unhealthy. This is not a cheap gimmick it utilizes a precision NDIR sensor using infrared measurement technology that monitors the concentration of CO2 which you can’t see or smell but the symptoms of inhaling too much CO2 include drowsiness, headaches and poor concentration.

We are not going to claim that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is life threatening after all we all breath in oxygen and exhale CO2 but sometimes that’s the problem because we all know that fresh air is good for us but in todays sealed buildings we often end up breathing in too much second-hand air – CO2!

As a guide to monitoring indoor CO2 levels we can offer the following:

Fresh Outdoor Air
400…420 ppm is what you would expect outside your home.

Optimum Air Quality in your Home
600…800 ppm is the sort of level you should try to maintain.
This is within the Green zone on the Aranet 4 Home display.

What could you expect in your living room & lounge which are your main living quarters?
600…800 ppm is what you might achieve with a bit of ventilation i.e. internal door ajar and window slightly open.

What could you expect in your living room & lounge with a few guests?
1000…2500 ppm yes it’s going to go up that’s for sure so keep the doors ajar if possible and keep some air flowing.
Once you reach 1000 ppm the display moves to the Yellow Zone and beyond 1400 ppm it moves into the Red Zone.
Note: Going beyond 1400 ppm is the level that Aranet consider to be poor Air Quality and not suitable for your wellbeing and thus you are able to set an audible alarm at this level

What could you expect in your bedrooms while asleep?
1200…2500! Well it might surprise you but as these are normally the smallest rooms in your house and generally better sealed it’s probably were you are going to experience the highest levels of CO2! But it can be improved dramatically by just leaving the bedroom door ajar or a window vent open if it’s safe to do so. So with a few simple changes you can reduce the CO2 levels that you sleep in back down to a level considered healthy.

What could you expect in the office at work?
600…3000 ppm but this depends on a lot of factors but it basically boils down to the size of the room, the number of people creating CO2 and the ventilation. Some of these points are outside your control but you can use your Aranet4 Home to monitor your working environment and try to influence improvements at work.

Start monitoring CO2 levels with the Aranet4 Home and you will actually see the positive changes to your Air Quality that simple changes can make.

These higher levels are a consequence of being with a group of people in a confined space exactly what we try and avoid to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic so remember as well as washing your hands, wearing a face covering and keep your distance you should also aim to breathe fresh air!

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