When it comes to measuring CO2 in safety critical situations such as brewing, refineries, distilleries, bottling plants and landfill sites then the CO2 Multi Monitor is the ideal instrument.

It’s a fixed gas detection system with up to 8 sample inputs, designed specifically to monitor CO2 in the range 0 to 5% using long life and reliable infra-red technology.

Set-up and calibration are straightforward and easy. A digital LCD and several LED indicators display system status. The system can be linked to alarms and other equipment within the facility via relays or analogue outputs

Features include

  • Up to 8 point CO2 sampling system
  • Long life IR sensor
  • Interfaces with BMS/ HVAC systems easily
  • Stand alone system capability
  • Secure calibration and configuration access
  • Ease of installation calibration and commissioning
  • Robust construction


  • Brewing and Distilling Markets – ensuring the atmosphere is monitored for CO2 to protect staff from asphyxiation due to leaking CO2 which is a bi-product of the process.
  • Gas Monitoring for the Drinks Industry (CO2/Ammonia/Freon/etc)
  • Gas Monitoring in Power Stations
  • Rapid Detection of CO2 in Cooling & Refrigeration

The CO2 Multi Monitor is the ideal solution for monitoring in the smaller application such as:

  • Landfill Market – monitoring for the ingress of CO2 into buildings on or adjacent to landfill sites.
  • General Industry – anywhere CO2 requires to be detected or monitored (for example, public house cellars, fruit stores, shopping malls, process control in greenhouses and in buildings where CO2 levels are linked with heating and ventilation systems).