touchpoint1The Zareba Touchpoint 1 controller when used with any one of the Sensepoint range of gas detectors provides 24 hour protection from flammable, toxic or oxygen gas hazards.

With executive outputs to shutdown process equipment or drive warning devices, the Touchpoint 1 is ideal for continuous monitoring of small remote sites where it is inappropriate or costly to monitor the area from a central location.

The shallow profile is designed for convenient location in corridors or reception areas where some larger controllers may be obtrusive. A wall mounting bracket is included to which the controller is attached, thereby simplifying installation. All cable entries are made via a gland plate at the bottom of the enclosure which includes pre-defined knockouts to minimize risk of damaging the connection terminals. The hinged front cover latches open to enable full and unhindered access to the terminal compartment for installers.

AC and / or DC driven, the Touchpoint 1 includes built-in audiovisual alarms, two programmable alarm relays and a system fault relay as well as an isolated 4-20mA output proportional to the input from the field device. The system is fully user programmable via the ultra-clear backlit LCD and intuitive menu system. For example, relays may be configured as ‘non-latching’ (default is ‘latching’) so that outputs clear automatically on remote unmanned sites. Buttons used for configuration are hidden behind an access panel to prevent tampering. A single button is available to all users on the front of the controller to perform a simple self-test or to reset alarms if needed.

Event history is recorded as standard on all Touchpoint systems. Times and dates of alarms, power on or off, can be reviewed via the display to provide useful diagnostic information for service engineers and plant operators.

A Zareba gas detection system is designed to offer a total solution for your gas monitoring needs. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, you are assured of being surrounded by gas detection equipment you can trust.

User Friendly

  • Self contained, wall mounted enclosure
  • Ultra-clear backlit display
  • Built-in audiovisual alarms
  • Intuitive menu system
  • Simple push button operation

Easy to Install

  • Unobtrusive slimline profile
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Easy access to all terminals
  • Pre-formed knockouts in gland plate

Comprehensive Operation

  • 3 wire mV bridge, 2 and 3 wire 4-20mA inputs
  • AC and/or DC operation
  • 2 x alarm relays
  • 1 x system fault relay
  • Repeated 4-20mA signal

Flexible Operation

  • Fully user programmable forcale, units and calibration
  • Relays configurable as energized, e-energized, latching or non-latching
  • Compatible with all Zareba Sensepoint as detectors