triple plus largeThe Triple Plus is a robust, reliable and lightweight personal gas monitor giving both visual and audible alarms when a gas hazard is detected.

Instruments are rechargeable giving a duration in excess of 12 hours and a minimum ingress protection of IP65. Monitors can detect up to four gases simultaneously. The standard gases being flammable, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and carbon monoxide. Supplied in a robust transit case with a certificate of conformity and user instructions.

Our customers depend on its robust and reliable performance. The reason for this high level of confidence is the extremely durable Triax™ case and internal construction. Triple Plus was designed specifically to withstand the roughest treatment and, being fully buoyant, is also easy to recover from water. This and its loud and clear alarms make it the instrument of choice for harsh environments.

The large text display is easy to read providing unambiguous information. Readings for four gases can be displayed simultaneously, making the monitoring of multiple gas hazards simple and convenient. Triple Plus offers the widest range of sensor options, with each sensor module carrying its own identity and calibration data. Almost all sensor combinations are available and the instrumentation can be customised in the field without the need for recalibration.

Features include

  • Extremely rugged
  • construction: Triax™ casing will not crack or shatter when dropped
  • Unique internal design will resist the harshest treatment
  • Ingress protection to IP65 standard
  • Full buoyancy makes recovery from water simple.
  • Loud and clear alarms: Piercing distinctive alarm, 85 dBA @ 1 m
  • Time Weighted Average alarm available for 15 minutes and 8 hours
  • Audible and visible confidence blip
  • Separate low battery alarm.
  • Large four gas, simultaneous text display: Clear unambiguous information
  • Easy tracking of multiple hazards.
  • Wide range of intelligent,
  • interchangeable sensors available: Field customisation is quick and simple
  • All sensor combinations are possible.