The Vision CO2 Monitor is a high-quality UK manufactured CO2, Temperature & Relative Humidity Monitor. This USB powered device provides a cost effective ‘plug and play’ solution to help determine if further ventilation is required by providing a clear digital readout with a simple to understand traffic light backlit display.

Key Features

  • USB Powered
  • Non-dispersive Infra-red (NDIR) CO2 Sensor

  • Clear digital readout

  • Bold Traffic Light Indication

  • Typical 10 year life expectancy

  • Self-calibrating CO2 sensor

  • Optional Wall Mount Bracket


There is 400ppm CO2 in air and we breathe out approximately 40,000 ppm with each breath, so CO2 is the most reliable proxy for poor ventilation available in occupied spaces.

Elevated CO2 levels not only provide an indication that airborne contaminants may be present, but they also reduce cognitive function, productivity and can have long term adverse effects on health and general wellbeing.

Traffic Light Settings

With the current pandemic, ventilation is one of the most important factors in helping reduce the relative risk of the airborne transmission of COVID-19, which is why CO2 Monitors have been recommended as indicator of poor ventilation by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

Most buildings are naturally ventilated and rely on opening windows for fresh air, or use air recirculation systems that have been switched off, so without a CO2 monitor there is no way of knowing if spaces such as classrooms and offices are adequately ventilated. The Vision CO2 Monitor removes any uncertainty and provides an immediate indication that further ventilation is needed.

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